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Tour Description

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a celebrity. The glamorous destinations and interesting back stage lifestyle. Come travel with the Philadelphia native Julyan to explore secret music studios, cool music venues, and visit artist in the music scene to see what its like to be a star from Philadelphia. Below is a list of areas that we may reach on the tour depending on business schedules and hours of operation. The music scene runs on a 24/7 cycle were peak business hours are when everyones going out to eat, or celebrate. Come live the life of a star. Locations 1. High end recording Studio- Come check out grammy awarding winning studio, home of the dig able planets, Billboard Artists like PNB Rock come by once in awhile 2. 200-15000 capacity music venues 3. Guest Artist 4.Stop by fashion warehouse 4.Driving through neighborhoods discovering the musical riches behind various locations. email at julyangrant@gmail.com for full tour description.

About Your Local Guide

My name is Julyan Grant and I was born in Philly and music has brought me to every part of the city. Recently my music career has taken an updraft where I will be recording in LA over the next few months but currently work at the Boom Room in Fishtown, where we play music throughout the city. As artist we see the world as a playground. Since young I have been heavily involved with music, fashion, skateboarding, and arts and culture that has brought me to many unique places. This tour will show all the underground niches throughout Philly and the music scene and its relations to the tri-state. I use to live in center city going to school at the University of the arts studying music business entrepreneurship and then moved back to Bucks County to develop the company with my family.

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