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Tour Description

This tour focuses on older buildings whose history, architecture, and transitions through the years goes unnoticed every day. But, just look up and you'll see beautiful designs, awe inspiring details, carvings, indications of it's past, it's background, the people who lived or worked there and it's impact on the community around it or the community's impact on the building. Discover the original purpose, learn how and why the building has changed, immerse yourselves in the history, and sometimes, the mystery of a building's past, present, and future. Learn the societal culture during the decades the building was in use, the types of people it housed or employed, whether it holds tales unknown, and even the land it sits upon, that in itself, is a story to be told. You will learn interesting facts, discover architectural wonders, delve into historical landmarks, and marvel at what you've never been noticed. So, look up! Discover what has been hidden in plain sight.

About Your Local Guide

Explorer, adventurer, where does the road end type of person, that's me. I love to visit new places, revisit old places, discover new paths, find interesting sights, and always add to my never-ending list of places to go, things to do, people to meet. Indoors or out, I am an avid participant. Whether it's hiking, walking, trailblazing, museums, exhibits, historical sites, I leave no stone unturned. Like the old saying goes, I've got places to go, things to do, and people to meet. So let's go! A new venture awaits!

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